Job Search and technology

Since the 90’s technology has been an integral part of our daily lives and so it goes without saying that it should also be made an important part of your job search. If you are not well versed with the current technology then it would be worthwhile to spend some time learning it, as it will help you utilize the resources available on the Internet. The resources namely search engines like Google, job search portals, company websites and email alerts that help to find the right job and make the job search definitive and effective.


Let us start by looking into the Job Search Sites


Popular job sites have thousands of jobs listed with them, going through a large number of them can be really time consuming. In order to save time you must take advantage of available search forms on specific job sites. Many sites have jobs segregated by category so focusing your job search to a particular position or skill set will most likely help you to find the required listings in much less time.


job-searchTo optimize your job search here are some basic tips:


  • Search terms you choose should vary from time to time and must have both singular and plural terms.
  • Be really specific in your search by using quotation marks so as to include only exact phrases
  • Switch the order of terms. Try Director of Sales or Sales Director.


After the search and application part comes the interview, you can use Google maps that may help you find the location of the venue if you are not sure of the location..


Look in the about us /employment section of Company Websites


Often company websites can be a valuable resource for your job search. They help you find out more about the organization when preparing for the interview and often have list of vacancies in the company. Most companies will have a section on their website dedicated to “Employment” or “Jobs.”


Subscribe to Email Alerts


Most job sites will have a section where they provide the option to subscribe to email alerts about specific jobs. This helps to bring the specific jobs to your inbox, if you are not very specific then your inbox will probably be full. Although many would think that this is a nice problem to have, however a full email inbox can be very confusing. In that scenario it becomes very easy to overlook things that might be very important in terms of your job search.


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Basics of an App Marketing Strategy

When starting a mobile app venture, the most important aspect of the venture always is to promote android app or iOS app. Developers without any marketing experience should always hire amobile-apps company who are experts in mobile application marketing. But if you want to do it yourself a perfect marketing plan is absolutely mandatory if you really want to make your app successful.


In order to develop a perfect marketing plan you must keep in mind the following points in mind :


App store Optimization


Just like websites you need to achieve high ranking of your app on app stores to reach your target users. The presence of your app on the top of the rankings will drive a large number of downloads to the app. Social media will also play an important part in promoting your app , platforms like Facebook, Twitter, G+ have a large reach so promotion on these platforms are a must.


App pages on the various stores should not be neglected and you should optimize its content, screenshots and description. Related keywords should be used judiciously in the title and description.


A video should also be created of your app highlighting features / functions and the same should be posted on various video sharing websites. To help make the video viral you can give it an initial push using a paid advertising campaign which almost all of these websites offer.


Acquire installs and reviews via ad campaigns


There are a lot of companies who special in mobile app advertisement. If you want to increase the number of installs for your app quickly then an install campaign can really do wonders. The install campaign will ensure the app gets the required amount of exposure it needs. But you need to ensure that these campaigns are optimized properly and the aim should be to attract users for the long term. If the campaign receives luke warm response the targeting should be looked into.


Analyzing user behavior


Installs received from organic and paid methods must be analyzed for the type of engagement they indulged in. This will help keep the users engaged for along time. Analyzing the user requirements will help you add more features which will ultimately help the app in the long term. Also it will help to focus on the audience from where you get the maximum positive response and try to include them in the next campaign.

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